Your generous donations will help pay for interviewing witnesses and experts. We want to tell you about Patriot heroes like Jagama Kello, Lekelash Bayan and Lorenzo Taezaz. We want to share with you the inspiring adventure of John Robinson, the African-American pilot who ran Ethiopia's tiny air force. And we want the world to finally learn the truth about Emperor Haile Selassie, and his heroic efforts to save his own people. 


We need to buy archival footage of the battles, the protests and other major events. We need to go to London, Washington, Addis Ababa and other locations to talk to experts and shoot footage of where things happened. There's a lot to do, from tracking down survivors to editing film to many other tasks!


But when we're done, we'll have a film that will move you to tears and make you stand up from your seat. It's the story you've never heard before, the story where Africans WIN.

  • From Gandhi to Trotsky, from Josephine Baker and Langston Hughes to Bertrand Russell and George Bernard Shaw, everyone had an opinion about the war between Italy and Ethiopia. 

  • A Broadway play was shut down over it. There were spies slinking their way around in the shadows over it. Marconi, a Fascist, was trying to build a microwave weapon to fight the British because of Ethiopia. 


  • About 20,000 black Americans marched on one day alone over it on August 3, 1935, and there were other massive protests in America and around the world. It inspired a 17-year-old Nelson Mandela. It brought the future leaders of post-war Africa, including Jomo Kenyatta, who would one day lead Kenya, and the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, together. 

  • It had war crimes and atrocities and appalling tragedy. Tens of thousands of Ethiopians were massacred over a three-day period, and thousands more were taken to concentration camps, where about half of them died.

  • This war helps explain why the Middle East is the way it is today, and it was the birthplace of modern propaganda methods used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • It ended with an astonishing rescue against overwhelming odds. A true tale of underdog victory.

  • And most importantly, while this happened way back in 1935-1941, there are still survivors willing to talk to us.