Jeff Pearce

Jeff Pearce spent about ten years, off and on, researching the story of Prevail. He dug through Foreign Office files in the British Archives, hunted down survivors of the conflict and visited historical sites in Ethiopia. Historian Richard Pankhurst wrote the foreword for the book, and novelist Maaza Mengiste has called it, "spellbinding reading."

Jeff has worked as a writer and editor in television and magazines, and his insatiable curiosity has led him to teach journalism in Myanmar and visit the Kurdish Front during the war in Iraq. He has published several other books of history and current affairs, as well as several novels.

bereket kelile

Bereket Kelile is currently a Research Associate at SmithJohnson Research in Sacramento, specializing in research for strategic political and branding initiatives. He’s also pursuing his Master’s degree in Economics at California State University, Sacramento. He served proudly for four years as an Avionics Technician with the U.S. Air Force and holds a Private Pilot Certificate for single-engine land aircraft. 

With a basic understanding of the Amharic language, Bereket is keenly interested in his ancestral culture, and was naturally drawn to the story behind Prevail. He is taking point on fundraising and marketing initiatives for the production.